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Art Nourishes Well-Being.

Contemporary Art


Art is a key element of creating a space you love. 

It can intimately influence the intended ambience. Consulting with you to understand and meet your needs is my passion. 

Producing expressionist paintings that perfectly fit your project is my goal. I pour my positive energy, inner strength, resilience, compassion and love into my art-making process. 

As an expressionist artist, I provide a fresh signature style for designers, architects, home owners, set designers, businesses,  organizations, corporate art buyers, healthcare art buyers, hospitality art buyers, art consultancy firms 

and private collectors.

Discover New Paintings, 

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art commission options that meet your goals, needs & budget. 

Commission Art & Live Painting Service


Commission Art Service:

I ask questions to understand your goals 

and needs for the art commission.


What emotional quality do you want the 

painting to evoke ? 

How should the painting look 

and feel in the intended space?  

What are important colors for the project?  

What is your budget? 

What is in the layout of the space?  

What is your timeline? 

What are special considerations or requests? 

What are your art merchandise (Fine Art Postcards/Greeting cards, etc.)  or art licensing needs?

Your responses inform the creative process from ideation to manifestation.

I value cultivating long-lasting and mutually uplifting relationships with my clients. 

Live Painting Service:

Transform your event into a memorable and inspiring experience by booking expressionist artist, Quana Madison for live action painting with music. 

Arts Wellness Workshops & Speaking Services


Do you benefit from creative opportunities to practice self-care?

Are you interested in increasing your self-understanding through channeling your inner creativity? 

Do you want to engage in art-making to support your personal growth?

Do you want to develop your intrapersonal awareness through creative self-expression?

Are you interested in booking a custom arts wellness workshop residency for your living community, organization, school or program? 

Expressive Arts Wellness Workshops are arts-based programs designed to promote inner well-being. Workshops can be customized to focus on topics such as mindfulness, self-care, relaxation, emotional well-being, intrapersonal awareness and more. Workshops are adapted to fit client goals and needs. 

Workshops incorporate expressive art-making activities such as painting, drawing, collage, movement, journaling, visual thinking, poetry, drama, music, personal narrative writing, and creative socratic discussions based on curated artworks and readings. 

Speaker  Presentation & 

Speech Topics: 


The Power of Expressive Arts to Promote Inner Well-being: Using Art to Support Healing from Trauma 

Why We Need the Arts Now More than Ever: Advocating for Arts as a Wellness Tool

Presentation Topics:

  • Arts-based Mindfulness
  • Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness 
  • Self-Worth/Self-Esteem
  • Self-Compassion
  • Self-Confidence
  • Self-Care
  • Trauma-informed Self-Care
  • Expressive Arts as a Tool for Wellness
  • Cultivating Resiliency through Expressive Arts

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Art Nourishes Well-being

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